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Brain-Computer Interfaces: One Possible Future for How We Play

Mike Ambinder (Valve)

State of the Industry Report

'Marvel's Spider-Man': A Technical Postmortem

Elan Ruskin (Insomniac Games)

GDC 2019 Highlights

'Slay the Spire': Success through Marketability

Casey Yano (Mega Crit Games)

Cursed Problems in Game Design

Alex Jaffe (Riot Games)

NPCs Have Feelings Too: Verbal Interactions with Emotional Character AI

Gautier Boeda (Square Enix Co., Ltd.)

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Creating and Maintaining a Thriving Mobile, Virtual RPG World

Justin Beck  |  Co-Founder and CEO, PerBlue

Location: Europasaal

Format: Lecture
Track: Free to Play Design & Business Summit
Vault Recording: Video

The process of creating a thriving free-to-play mobile game is time consuming and painfully difficult. It means constantly feeding players new content and improving player experience, all while keeping the in-game economy in balance. In the last four years PerBlue has created and sustained a living, breathing virtual world in its flagship mobile title, Parallel Kingdom. During this session, PerBlue will discuss the lessons they learned along the way. From creating entertaining gameplay to implementing an efficient update cycle, the considerations for free-to-play should not be taken lightly. PerBlue will discuss five critical components that developers can use in their free-to-play titles.


This session will cover the painful lessons that indie developer PerBlue learned over the last four years creating their flagship title, Parallel Kingdom. They will describe the great discoveries and downfalls of designing a player-driven title. Attendees will learn the five critical components to creating a successful free-to-play game.

Intended Audience

Those interested in mobile and console gaming, and the power of community and social elements. This session will appeal to those who are interested in how a small indie developer is leveraging their established community to turn a big profit and fund new game projects. From the beginner to the advanced designer, all attendees will leave with an interesting takeaway.

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