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GDC Europe 2013 Session Scheduler

Please note: the information on this page reflects GDC Europe 2013.

Export Schedule:

CANCELLED - Hey, I've Seen That App Before - Is It Too Close?

Bradley Gross  |  Managing Partner, Law Office of Bradley Gross, P.A.

Location: TBD

Format: Lecture
Track: Business, Marketing & Management
Vault Recording: Not Recorded

Every developer faces the same problem: how close can your app come to another app before you're accused of copying someone else's work? Through actual case-studies and 'eyes-on' demonstrations, we'll discuss the five things that app developers must know so they can avoid legal liability and answer the question, 'How close is too close?' Attendees can expect an entertaining and informative session led by Brad Gross, a leading digital media law attorney and worldwide general counsel for the Society of Digital Agencies. Questions and audience participation is encouraged and welcomed.


Attendees will gain insight into which features and functions can be 'borrowed' from existing apps and implemented into new products and games, and learn to look critically at development-stage apps to determine if they are likely to infringe the rights in existing works.

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in learning strategies and solutions for software and mobile app development that will enhance and focus their development efforts and marketing strategies. The session is designed to educate anyone in the software development industry, from C-level executives to the people who work for them.