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GDC Europe 2013 Session Scheduler

Please note: the information on this page reflects GDC Europe 2013.

Export Schedule:

The Revolution Will Be Streamed: How Video Is Transforming Video Games

Matthew DiPietro  |  VP of Marketing, Twitch

Location: Congress Saal 3

Format: Lecture
Track: Business, Marketing & ManagementProgramming
Vault Recording: Video

Online video is having a profound impact on each and every corner of the video game industry. Now gameplay is not only an entertainment experience to be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends. Because of the rise of video platforms that cater to gaming content, the gameplay itself has become a major source of content in a very large video entertainment ecosystem. This has profound effects on game design, game marketing, PR, business development and more. This lecture will give a detailed overview of the state of online video in the video game industry and how it affects game developers.


Online video is a force that game developers shouldn't ignore. This lecture will lay out the state of online video, provide concrete case studies on how some of the industry's largest players (EA, Activision, SOE, etc.) have approached the challenge and how attendees can best plan for the future.

Intended Audience

The target audience for this lecture is game designers, game marketers and business development professionals in the games industry. The lecture will appeal to developers and designers of all stripes and across all platforms, as well as producers, community and social media managers, and marketers. The press will enjoy it too.