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GDC Europe 2013 Session Scheduler

Please note: the information on this page reflects GDC Europe 2013.

Export Schedule:

Crafting the World of Crysis

Felix Leyendecker  |  Senior 3D Artist, Crytek GmbH

Location: Congress Saal 2

Format: Lecture
Track: Visual Arts
Vault Recording: Video

This session will focus on the environment art of the Crysis franchise and the team behind it. It will describe the lessons learned during the series' development and how they influenced the decisions leading to Crysis 3's scenario and visual design. Technical aspects about the production pipeline and production aspects about the changing team structure throughout the years will also be discussed.


The attendees will gain insight into the challenges the team faced throughout the production of all Crysis titles, how they were overcome and which challenges proved the most difficult to tackle. The specific takeaways are: covering a wide range of hardware while pushing the limits of PC graphics, building large worlds through reusability and modularity, the distribution of responsibility among the team, and the cooperation between the art and level design departments.

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in the visual side of Crysis games from an environment art perspective. Environment artists will learn about certain Crysis-specific workflows and their application, while developers with management roles will be interested in the distribution of responsibility and scheduling aspects.