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GDC 2019 Highlights

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Creating an Emotionally Engaging Camera for Tomb Raider

Remi Lacoste  |  Lead Camera Designer, Crystal Dynamics

Location: Congress Saal 1

Format: Lecture
Track: DesignVisual Arts
Vault Recording: Video

The camera plays a prominent role, not only in the reboot of Tomb Raider, but in every video game. It can make the player more emotionally involved, and therefore more active. How exactly does a camera becomes engaging and how can we achieve it? What tools and technologies do we need to create an emotionally engaging experience? What problems do we face during the development of engaging camera systems and how do we solve them? This talk will pose answers to all of these questions, and walk you through the artistic and technical choices made during the production of Tomb Raider.


Attendees will gain detailed insights into the development process of video game cameras. Particular attention will be paid to the many ways a camera can become more engaging for the player, and the techniques that are being used to achieve this engagement.

Intended Audience

Game designers of all experience levels. Anyone with an interest in knowing how to build deep camera systems that allow for the creation of a more engaging experience for the player in a third-person perspective video game.

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