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GDC 2019 Highlights

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Adaptation and Antifragility: Life of an Independent Studio

Ilari Kuittinen  |  CEO, Housemarque

Location: Congress Saal 2

Format: Lecture
Track: Business, Marketing & Management
Vault Recording: Video

Housemarque has gone through varied times during its 18 years in the business. The lecture concentrates on the studio's continuous attempts to build further 'antifragility' into its DNA, so that the company withstands any high-impact crisis. Important lessons can be learned on how to actually improve a company from events in the company's history. At minimum, leaders of a company should be aware of the consequences that may occur, if nothing is done about an obvious, risky direction the company may be taking.


The key takeaway is a collection of suggested action points that has enabled Housemarque to survive and thrive for 18 years in the ever-changing games industry. The audience will have a selection of ideas on how to make their company less prone to major setbacks and more robust, and perhaps even to be antifragile to change.

Intended Audience

Independent development studio founders and leaders, people who are contemplating starting a new studio and those interested in the business of running a game studio.

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