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GDC 2019 Highlights

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Developing Better Games by Optimizing the User Experience

Jochen Peketz  |  Games Lab Manager, Blue Byte GmbH

Location: Congress Saal 1

Format: Lecture
Track: ProductionDesign
Vault Recording: Video

What separates a game that sells well from a game that sells poorly? User Experience (UX)! Players will never fully experience your awesome story, the great game mechanics you designed or the magnificent graphics, if they are disgusted by an awful UX. This is even more important in the free-to-play market where competitors are always just one click away! The session will give an overview of several UX methods that can be used throughout the development of a game. All stages are covered - from prototyping phases to beta/live operations of online games. The techniques covered will include heuristics, paper prototyping, card sorting, user tests, eye tracking and diary studies.


UX is not only a buzzword, but has been proven for many years in several areas, from product design to website design to game development. Attendees will learn how to improve game play as well as UI by UX during all stages of the game development cycle. Do's and don'ts for the methods will be presented, and based on a large range of experience. Take your projects one step further and see how you can implement UX in all stages of development.

Intended Audience

Producers will learn which methods should be implemented at each stage to improve the quality of their products. Game designers will learn how UX helps to boost a player's experience and improve their entire game. UX designers will see what is possible thanks to tests, and learn from a leading publisher how UX is used.

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