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GDC Europe 2013 Session Scheduler

Please note: the information on this page reflects GDC Europe 2013.

Export Schedule:

5 Key Best Practices in Free-to-Play Gaming

Christopher Williams  |  VP and GM of Free-to-Play, Big Fish

Location: Europasaal

Format: Lecture
Track: Free to Play Design & Business Summit
Vault Recording: Video

Big Fish has grown its F2P business from zero, a little more than a year ago, to one of its strongest revenue generators today. Join Chris Williams, Big Fish's VP and GM of free-to-play, to find out key learnings and trends that are informing Big Fish as it successfully grows its F2P business. Walk away understanding the best way to get your F2P games discovered; the game design, team structure, and development timeline needed to create and maintain successful F2P games; the most relevant data points to grow your F2P IP and what social features to employ.


Audiences will leave knowing: how to get F2P games discovered; the best game design, team structure, and development timeline to employ for F2P; the most important data points to monitor and make actionable; and what social features in F2P work and don't work.

Intended Audience

Whether just entering the F2P game market or wanting to grow an F2P game business, the intended audience should be interested in better understanding how to attract, maintain, design for and monetize F2P consumers.