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Small Projects in AAA Studios: Making of Child of Light

Patrick Plourde  |  Creative Director, Ubisoft

Location: Congress Saal 1

Format: Lecture
Track: DesignProduction
Vault Recording: Video

After working for many years on some of the biggest productions in the AAA game industry, Patrick challenged himself to create a game that would be the opposite: a small team, a small budget, and an intimate scope. The result was a game called 'Child of Light'. This talk covers the personal challenges of moving from mega productions to intimate games, and the unique challenges and opportunities of producing a small title within the walls of Ubisoft Montreal.


This talk covers the advantages and disadvantages of developing a game with an indie mentality within the walls of a major studio, and how important it is to use personalized hooks when pitching the game in order to get the green light at every level, from individual artists up to the CEO.

Intended Audience

This talk will interest industry veterans who want to move away from traditional AAA games, but without the financial risk associated with 'Going Indie'. The techniques taught can also be used by any game creator to help them pitch their project, regardless of size and scope.

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