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March 18-22, 2019 | San Francisco, CA

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Classic Game Postmortem: ‘Command & Conquer’

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Google Developer Day (Presented by Google)

Ross Brockman  |  Strategic Partnerships Lead, Mobile & Gaming, Google
Todd Kerpelman  |  Developer Advocate, Google
Tobias Knoke  |  Media & Entertainment Sales, Google
Bruno Oliveira  |  Developer Platforms Engineer, Google
Kristoffer Olofsson  |  Solutions Consultant, Analytics Premium, Google
Iky Sandorffy  |  Strategic Partnerships Lead, Google
Mandy Waite  |  Cloud Platform Developer Advocate, Google
Gregory Zerbib  |  Strategic Partnerships Lead, ISPs/Networks/Mobile, Google

Location: Rheinsaal West

Format: Sponsored Dev Day
Track: Programming
Vault Recording: Not Recorded

At Google, we understand a game developer's aim is to make a great game and we have a variety of tools allowing developers to leverage Google's expertise to grow their business.Our scale helps with infrastructure on Cloud Platform, and in understanding consumers with Analytics. Our advertising technology allows finding and engaging new players, and monetizing those users with ads or payments. And this is before driving engagement via Google Play, and surfacing content on YouTube...However you see it, Google is passionate about helping game developers thrive. Join us and find out how.



Google for Games: Building a Games Business with the Best of Google

Ross Brockman, Google

Game developers' lives are complicated. Designing, building, marketing and monetizing games is a complex business, but for many of the challenges Google has solutions: AdMob, AdSense, AdX, Analytics, Android, Chrome, Cloud Platform, Doubleclick, Google+, Native Client, Play, and YouTube. Join this session to find out how to combine the best of Google's monetization and promotion tools into an integrated solution to support and grow your gaming company.


Games at the Edge: Multi-platform Gaming on the Google Cloud Platform

Mandy Waite, Google

Today, building the next generation of games and scaling them to manage success requires leading edge platforms and infrastructure. In this session we look at how you can use the full breadth of the Google Cloud Platform to build highly scalable gaming backends and how Google Cloud Endpoints can rapidly allow you to provide support for multiple gaming platforms.




Measuring and Optimizing Games using Google Mobile App Analytics

Kristoffer Olofsson, Google

Measurement for games is more important than ever. Digital distribution and the rise of mobile games brings new challenges to the interactive entertainment industry. In this session, we will show you how Google Analytics for mobile apps can help game developers iterate on gameplay experiences, optimize, and establish new monetization models.


Google Play Game Services Best Practices

Bruno Oliveira, Google; Todd Kerpelman, Google

What have we discovered since launching Google Play game services three months ago? What common mistakes are developers making? What problems are they running into? What works best for retaining users? And, more importantly, what have we been up to since then? Heck, it's been three months already. Don't you think you deserve something new?


Keep Playing

Iky Sandorffy, Google

With an increasingly tough user acquisition landscape, an engaged user is often worth more than an expensive new one. With over 1bn monthly users, YouTube is one of Google's most engaging properties. Join this session to find out how to leverage Google's technology and promotional tools to re-engage audience and drive ongoing usage of your game.


Acquiring the Most Valuable Users for Your Game

Tobias Knoke, Google

Thousands of games are being released every month - how can you stand out of the masses? User acquisition strategies focus on the lifetime value of the user and require a smart and data-driven advertising strategy. This session discusses the opportunities in targeting the most interesting users and retaining them for maximum return.


Realizing the Value of Engaged Audiences

Gregory Zerbib, Google

Gaming is a growing medium, absorbing highly engaged time from all sorts of users. This 'time' is valuable! Join us to learn more about the latest advertising technology developments for gaming, from real-time bidding to rich media formats. We will also discuss how to balance the needs of your core, paying users versus your more casual audience to maximize revenue.

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